A bit more than one month ago the Private Sector in Health Symposium was held in Sydney. Its participants were struck by the diversity of the participants from all over the world, but noted that few representatives of the for-profit private sector were present. Overall, the meeting was a great success. Detailed information can be found here.

“What exactly do we mean by the private sector”? is the key question that transpired from the day. The definition is not limited to “for-profit organizations”, but includes a big range of non-state actors. Also, questions of separating private provision of services and private financing for health services were raised – food for thought for the next Symposium, which will be co-organized by Freddie Ssengooba and Kara Hanson.

A number of presentations from different sessions of the Symposium on regulation, quality of care, health financing and equity are available for download here.




PSP will be co-organizing a symposium on the role of the private sector in health systems at the iHEA congress in Toronto scheduled for July 2011. More information will come in the next few months.




The Private Sector Symposium in Beijing, organized by PSP and others, was described as a "milestone as it was the first global meeting bringing together researchers interested in the private sector with the aim to map out what is known and promoting greater research interest and knowledge generation in this area for the benefit of health systems development" at an Expert Meeting on "Public-private cooperation to improve health care in low-income countries” held in The Hague - The Netherlands, 25 September 2009

The report from the Private Sector Symposium in Beijing is now available for download under "programme publications".


Gina Lagomarsino and Stefan Nachuk, co-organizers of the Private Sector Symposium in Beijing, together with colleagues have published a comment in The Lancet on Public Stewardship of Mixed Health Systems. The authors conclude that

"donors and national governments should focus on practical ways to address the realities of health markets, recognising the importance of public stewardship of mixed health systems as key to health and financial protection goals. To do this, they will need to engage in systematic collection of information, expansion of institutional capacity, and development of long-term policy roadmaps facilitated by national processes for policy dialogue that engage public and private actors."

The full comment can be downloaded on The Lancet website


Results for Development, in collaboration with Rockefeller Foundation, launches a report titled "Public Stewardship of Private Providers in Mixed Health Systems. The report can be downloaded here.